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The Great and Mighty Benjamin Teller

Benjamin Teller can see almost everything he’s ever seen from high atop his favorite tree, which he named Old Sparky. But when Ben’s ophthalmologist breaks the news that he could be completely blind in as little as one month, Ben realizes he needs to see what’s beyond Old Sparky while he still can.

Ben was born with a degenerative eye condition; the more he grows, the worse his sight becomes. Once Dr. Allen tells him that he could lose his sight by summer's end, Ben makes a wish list of things he wants to see before his “Dark Day” arrives. This begins the idea of an epic road trip with his family. And with road trips comes laughing, crying, and new experiences: surfing down sand dunes, exploring caves, encountering rattlesnakes, destructive tornadoes, haunted hotels, one-eyed coyotes, and even a Weird Al concert. But it's a tragic incident at the Pacific Ocean, the site Ben wants to see more than anything, that forever changes Ben's outlook about his future.


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