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This guy writes books? Word.....

I was born in West Plains, Missouri. I grew up in the Midwest (Missouri and Indiana) and will always consider myself a Midwesterner, more specifically, a Hoosier. Yes, that’s right. I’m from the great state of Indiana, where basketball and corn fields rule. But I spent most of my childhood playing some form of baseball–some days it was stick ball, others it was whiffle ball–and going to church. My dad is a minister, so going to church was our “normal.”


I never particularly loved school. But the funny thing is, I really enjoyed reading, just not the books teachers wanted me to read. When I wasn’t outside playing baseball, you could usually find me on the couch with a book–probably Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (by Roald Dahl) or something similar.


I turned the corner and became a good student, and to this day I love learning more than almost anything.  

Eventually, I graduated from Indiana University, where I played baseball and wrote stories. My favorite two classes were ornithology (studying birds) and creative writing. I used both of those passions to write a book called SOAR! 


Now I’m all grown up and live in Los Angeles with my family. When I’m not teaching and writing stories, I like these things: reading, cycling, my family, sports, laughing. All of that stuff gives me life and makes me want to live forever. Now, check out my books! 


A few of my early masterpieces....

If you need someone to draw exceptionally large hands, I'm your guy!

I also do landscapes!

He calls himself an artist? Oh boy. I better warn the flock. Chirp.

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